Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Painted Serving Tray

Besides the ceramic tile trivet, I made my sister a serving tray for a hostess gift for my recent visit to Charleston. This is not really a tutorial, because it is EASY-PEASY!

Take your hot self to the craft store, like Hobby Lobby.
Get a cart. You're gonna need it if you're anything like me. Gather your supplies
    Unpainted Wood tray
    Paint in desired colors for tray and for design
    Paint supplies if you do not have them already
    Polycrylic spray
    Stencil of desired choice
Take them home and get ready.

I recommend sanding the tray to be sure it is COMPLETELY smooth. I didn't and wish I did. 

Paint the tray. I tried spray paint, but it would have taken 10,000 coats, and I'm not that patient. So at 10 at night, the leftover white paint from the bathroom came out.

After that's completely dry, tape your stencil on.

Paint the stencil with the accent color. Carefully pull the stencil off.

Let it dry. NO, it's not dry yet, so don't touch it.

Polycrylic that baby.

Give her away. Make another to keep her for yourself.

You can totally mod-podge fabric or scrapbook paper or a rub on scrapbook saying or one of those peel and stick vinyl lettering things for your walls on the bottom instead of a stencil.  Young House Love used the pour-on acrylic resin instead of polycrylic, which if you plan on heavy duty use might be smart.

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