Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mini Cakes

Sissy has been begging for me to write a post on the mini cakes we made last weekend.  I was inspired to do this after seeing I Design's post about her monogrammed cupcakes.

We made chocolate cake using this recipe from a very old Southern Living Weddings magazine I had years ago.  We made half a recipe.

To get the mini cake size, we used mini cake pans.

And filled them half full

We filled them with raspberry jam, and frosted them with chocolate buttercream frosting (and added a little Chambord for flavor)

We made dark and white modeling chocolate from this recipe.

Modeling chocolate is actually easier than I thought. Melt chocolate, stir in corn syrup, and let harden in the refrigerator.  Don't cheat and use the freezer to cool faster- it freezes and then you have to let it thaw. (learned the hard way)

We rolled the chocolate out like pie crust. Spray your cutting mat or countertop with cooking spray so the chocolate doesn't stick.  I learned this the hard way too.

Then I took a cleaned rubber stamp and stamped a design onto the chocolate. 

Then I cut it out using a cookie cutter.

And carefully placed it on top of the frosted cake

Repeat the process with the second chocolate color and a different stamp.

And Ta-da! It looks like this beauty:

Everyone thought these were very yummy!

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  1. Loved watching you and your sissy making these! What fun and suprisingly easy to do; well, except for the few things you learned the "hard" way. Oh, by the way, for those of you reading this, they tasted really really good.


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