Thursday, August 26, 2010

Julia's Living Room re-do!

You know how you spend hours planning a re-design of a space? You pour over magazines, find inspiration photos. Gather up a million fabric swatches. Agonize over every decision and pour all your love into making your room "perfect". And when it's FINALLY done, love every perfect inch of it.

So what happens after a few years? You've loved and loved and loved things, and now the poor dears are starting to show it. The upholstery looks a little faded, the cushions a little less plump. 

That's where Julia's living room is. She loves the layout, the colors, the styles, but it needs a little updating to be perfect again.  So that's what we're gonna do!

Here is the room as it is now:

We're taking inspiration from the beautiful Oriental rug (that I helped pick out 10 years ago!)

and this art print,

 and re-upholstering the sofa in this soft diamond fabric.

The wing back chair (affectionately nicknamed the Edith Ann chair after Lily Tomlin's character) will be re-upholstered in this fabric:

We're painting the walls Sherwin Williams Hinoki, since she loves the warm tones, but I think it needs to be a bit less yellow.

I'm recommending she update the two ginger-jar lamps with:

this Wrought Iron lamp

This crystal lamp

I also suggest she get an upholstered side chair like

this one  to use for a desk chair or additional seating.

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  1. Julia likes sunshine, ergo, yellow tones on walls. I really really like the fabrics. The lamp suggestion of crystal one I like; of course it is the more expensive one! Have another lamp suggestion:
    (love internet but love getting new catalogs in the mail - this one came today). Will think about the chair. Really liked the one we saw on Sat. Good Job!


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