Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's FINALLY done!

You can have it fast, cheap, or right, but not all three.

That would totally summarize the bathroom renovation.  True to my perfectionism, I had to have everything RIGHT. And to say I had a beer budget would be disgraceful to the beer. So, of course, the timeline had to give. What I'd hoped to be a one or two weekend project has stretched over a month and many many worknights as well as weekends.

But, she's FINALLY done. And I LOVE IT!!!!

Here are some pictures of the before:

This is actually more "during", but I forgot to take pictures before. Notice the lovely beige carpet, original light fixtures, cabinetry, countertop, everything! The only thing anyone had done to "update" was paint the walls yellow.

And now, the AFTER!

Freshly painted, new flooring, new accessories, new light fixtures. It's so much brighter!

LOVE my new bathroom!!!!

Now that this project is done, I'm going to wait a while before I tackle any other major re-dos. And notice to all my friends, especially any prospective Prince Charming candidates- I'm asking for help next time!

Let me know what you think!

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