Friday, January 14, 2011

Desk Blotter

In my guestroom/ office, I have my grandparent's beautiful mahogany bedroom set. Part of that set is a great vanity that I use as my desk. But I would hate to ruin the finish with  the heat from my laptop. So for months, I've had two pieces of cork as a "blotter" and coaster.

I decided I needed to upgrade the look a little bit, and hopefully make it match the black/ white/ silver/ red scheme of the rest of the room. (It's a work in progress)

I have a 17" laptop, so I needed a pretty honkin big piece of whatever. And since I was snowed in the day I did this, I was forced to see what I had around the house.  And look what measures 13x20, the Wii Fit box.

So I cut one side off.

I used a thin cotton fabric to cover this, so I lined things with a bit of white muslin I had from an old project.

I secured everything using hot glue.

First the muslin

Then the pretty fabric

Then two cork squares.

And here's how she looks installed!

I love how the black and white print coordinates with my made-over chair,but isn't too matchy matchy.
To finish this room, boy she needs a lot of work. New coverlet, drapery, paint, fix up the en-suite bathroom, new flooring. I've got a lot on my to-do list.  But first, I need to finish my bedroom!


  1. that is cute AND resourceful!! new follower! (: happy weekend!

  2. One more thing to mark off your to do list! Great job. Have enough of the material to use on the drapes?

  3. Great idea! Love it!

    And thanks for your sweet comment on my craft room. I feel so much better now that it is reorganized.

  4. Thank you for all the sweet comments! I'm so glad you like!


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