Friday, January 14, 2011

Help for Sarah!

My friend Sarah over at Ooey Gooey Daily News has an entryway dilemma. It needs better function. It needs more style. It needs to be baby-friendly since she's expecting!

courtesy of Sarah
 She's debating several options, not sure what the best choice will be.

Well, what's the point of being friends with a professional interior designer if you don't get help?

So, Sarah, here are some sketches of your options:

Option 1:

Use your existing coffee table, and add some large pillows for cushion and comfort. A project to think about would be to upholster the top to turn it into a bench.

Add a floating shelf like this one for your accessories under the mirror. If it becomes a landing spot for keys, cell phones, etc., you can add another  smaller shelf for additional items.


Option 2:

Buy a console table like this one from World Market:
And put your basket of shoes on the shelf. You can change this to a lidded hamper-style basket once the baby gets old enough to investigate. 

Add a small chair like this one from CSN Stores
To the left where the green tote is now.

Option 3:

Build this plan from


For shoe storage and display space in one.

I hope this helps inspire you to make over your entryway!


  1. Maggie!!! Thank you so much! This is super helpful.

    Unfortunately the current coffee table is pretty cheap and wouldn't support our weight, but the idea of doing bigger pillows and a small shelf helps me visualize what it would look like with a bench. And I REALLY like the console table too! I have lots of decisions to make.

    Thanks again for your helpful input!! I'll keep you updated!!

  2. Sarah- so glad I could help. This is why I got my degree- to help people and make them happy. So let me know if you need any more advice!
    And make sure to post pictures when you get it finished!


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