Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Three More Days

Three more days until I either make the best or stupidest decision of my life- which will only be determined in hindsight.

See, I'm quitting my job. When I started with my current company a year ago, I was brought on to be the on-staff designer, doing design every day and supervising purchasing and a staff of 2. I was excited about the opportunity to design fully, with bigger projects and budgets! To actually manage and not just be a figurehead.

Fast forward a year.

A lot of days end with this:
Which is not exactly the way it should be. And the reason for that is I'm not designing. I actually started this blog as a creative outlet, since writing purchase orders for all the material a construction company needs is not using my talents, my degree, or my passion.

I'm taking the NCIDQ this year- which is a really huge exam that is simliar to the Bar or Professional Engineer exams.  And given the time and money going into that, I'd really like to get back to my dream- design.

Some things happened here at the office, and I had enough. I turned in my two weeks, and Friday is my last day. 

I don't have anything lined up yet, which is scary.  I'm working hard to make this the best decision of my life thus far- to find a new position that will be a place I can use my talents, grow as a designer, and love going to work every day.

In three more days, I'll have lots of time to share projects with you.  And inspiration.  Like how I'm taking this

into something fabulous and updated!

And if anyone needs design consultation- residential or commercial- contact me and we can work it out!

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