Friday, January 14, 2011

Tissue paper wreath

When I was making my burlap wreath, I decided to try to do my own take on the coffee filter wreath that's so popular all over blogaritaville. Like Nester's or Middle Mama's .

But I LOVE coffee and was not about to sacrifice coffee filters to the cause. However, I did have a jumbo pack of white tissue paper I'd picked up for Christmas half off.

I used the outer hoop from my 12" embroidery hoop- the other half from the burlap wreath.
I cut several (like 10???) sheets of  tissue paper into 2" strips. Don't measure. You don't have to be precise. We are not preforming brain surgery here people.

So you will have a pile like this:

Using the same technique from my burlap wreath,  I pinched and glued lots of little strips until my wreath was nice and full.

Then, I flipped it over and used more glue to secure the strips over the hoop frame

I fluffed and trimmed the tissue paper to be full and pretty.

And then I hung her over my mantle with a pink ribbon.

But looking at the inspiration posts again, I may have to try Nester's coffee filter tree.

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