Thursday, January 13, 2011

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I took my hellion sweet puppy dog Alex for a walk to the park Tuesday afternoon. The cold air makes him frisky and he was in desperate need of some exercise!

Apologies in advance for the not as wonderful quality of pictures. I am hoping to upgrade to a Droid or Iphone sometime this year. The pink crackberry is about dead.

The snow had melted on the roads some, but there was still a wonderful blanket of white!

Alex was excited, and kept trying to pull me along. Come on Mom, Come ON!

The slushy mixture on the path meant I had some trouble keeping my balance. Alex was kind enough to show me the benefits of "four paw drive" and had no trouble at all.

It was so pretty all white .

While we were walking, it snowed just a little bit more. It was magical!

It was so quiet, Alex would stop and listen at the slightest sound!

We had a great walk! What fun did you have in the snow?

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  1. This snow is so pretty! So have you gotten back to work? (I read your posts often, just don't always take time to comment, sorry) You have gotten a lot done in this snow/off time! And I just can't imagine being stuck at home 2-3 days with just the dog! lol


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