Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shel's Christmas House

Mom's friend Shel bought this old Victorian. It was in really really rough shape. Apparently it was more of a birdhouse for pigeons than a real house. But Shel likes a challenge, so she and her hubby bought this place.

And proceeded to renovate and restore the whole thing. Took it down to the studs and all.

Well, now the project is finished. So they've opened their home up to the annual historic home Christmas tour.

Mom and I were in charge of decorating. Mom did most of the work I have to say.

Sunday was the big day, and here are pictures for you to enjoy.

These lanterns were on the pillars at the end of the driveway.
 The house all lit up.
 This cozy spot on the front porch invites you to sit and watch what's going on in the neighborhood.
The hall tree in the entry

To your right from the front door is the parlor

Across the hall is the study

Beyond the parlor is the formal dining room

Taking the stairs to the second level

 The china cabinets were decorated for the season with hydrangea trees, garland, and lace.

This sitting area at the top of the stairs is so darling.
The Gentleman's Study upstairs with the "family tree"

Showcasing Christmas books from when the children were little

 And ornaments they made growing up.

This upstairs bedroom features an antique hand-turned bedset

 And the beautiful restore mantle with summer cover on the fireplace.
 This looks like my grandmother just stepped out of the room.
The grandchildren's room

And this final display in the kitchen speaks to the essence of next year's project: The Gentleman's farm

I hope you enjoyed touring Shel's Christmas house as much as I did.

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