Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ornament for Ornament Swap!

Kendra hosted an annual ornament swap party. And I couldn't just show up empty handed. So I  took this opportunity to make several homemade ornaments.

First, I made a cute little JOY ornament
I got the ornament at Michaels', along with some porcelaine markers, but you could just use regular paint pens. I've been looking for an excuse to buy the porcelaine, so there you go.

Now, to create your design:
Using your computer and any word processing software or desktop publishing, create your design. I simply printed "noel" in a variety of fonts and sizes, along with a holly clip art.
Take your printed paper, and rub pencil all over the back.
Flip it printed side up, center your design on your ornament, and trace the printing to transfer graphite to the surface of the ornament.  You just made transfer paper.

Color in your design using markers.
If using the porcelaine, bake according to package directions.
Hang and enjoy!

A garland wrapped ball:

Take a styrafoam ball. I recommend lightly spray painting or craft painting it first.
starting at one end, hot glue mardi-gras beads on your ball.
 Keep going, trying to make sure your beads squish together.
 Ta da! You can then glue a ribbon hanger on the top, or wrap it all the way around and then glue a hanger.

And this pieceware ornament  inspired by Martha Stewart. 

Roll out polymer clay
 Cut out a circle shape (Hopefully your sister has not absconded with all your round cookie cutters)
 Clean up any edges
 Stamp your design
 I then added smaller "dots" using the end of a compass.
Let dry, then bake according to package directions. Hang and enjoy!

After making all of these, I ended up taking one I purchased because I wasn't happy with how mine turned out.  However, the ones I made are gracing my tree this year.

I love how these can be personalized to be unique for each year.

After Christmas, I'll be sharing some of the gifts I made. I am so anxious to share them with you!

Hope you are ready for the holiday!

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