Friday, October 8, 2010

Mercury Glass Pumpkins...Sorta

I'm trying to work on the curb appeal of my house, making it more inviting and personalized. Not quite so cookie cutter beige box. But living in a condo, I have strict limits on what I can do. No touching the precious vinyl siding. No nails!

I decided to try making mercury glass pumpkins after seeing the idea somewhere (or maybe several somewheres) out in blog-land. If I interpreted your idea, please let me know so I can properly credit you!

I love mercury glass, but it's so expensive!

So I gathered my pumpkins:

First I sprayed them with matte silver spray paint. I used this one:

I sprayed one coat lightly all over the pumpkin, and let it dry. Yes, I am spray painting on a trashbag as a dropcloth. It works, it's cheap, it's disposable. Shush.

I then sprayed them lightly with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint to add the depth of Mercury glass.
I used my mercury glass candlestick (THANK YOU MOM!) for reference:

End result? Not quite mercury glass, but I like it nonetheless.

Here is the finished product on my front porch.

I have a few more projects for here up my sleeve. For now, I've got mums waiting to be planted!


  1. Where is the fourth pumpkin? Is it a casualty of the creative process?

  2. Hey, I see you mentioned not being able to have "nail holes" in the vinyl siding...I had vinyl on my previous home, and I used these..hope this helps in future curb appeal options!


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