Monday, October 25, 2010

By the river and through the woods

We had a gorgeous weekend here in Atlanta! It was so  nice I tried to spend as much time as possible outside!

Sunday afternoon, I dragged Prospective Prince Charming Z to Ikea for some more boxes for my bookshelf. ( Pictures to come). Since he was such a good sport, we went to Pinkberry for some yummy frozen yogurt.

Then I felt like we needed to work it off. Z lives near the river, and so we decided to walk/ hike on the Chattahoochee nature trails. If you live in Atlanta and haven't been- they're GORGEOUS! 

So off we go. Except, I'm not really dressed for a hike. I've got my cute brown crocodile flats on, not tennis shoes or hiking boots.  Which would not be a problem, except to get to the Chattahoochee trail, we had to go through this other trail. Which was not really a trail at all. So here we are, climbing over rocks and trees,  trying not to fall in the river as we scale this really huge rock that goes almost all the way to the water. Yeah. Spontaneous Adventure.

So, since this trail is not quite a trail, all I can think are two things: One: What if one of us falls and breaks a limb. How am I going to tell EMS where we are?  Two: Snakes!
The EMS thing, I never did figure out. But the snake part I did.

I've always been told snakes don't like noise, so make a lot of it. But we were concentrating on not falling down, not exactly having deep philosophical discussions about the meaning of life. So I made up this little rhyme and kept singing/saying it to make noise

"Snake, Snake Go away, Come out again another day!"

Z found this "cute."

We did eventually find the real trail and have a nice long walk. I made sure to tell Z that marked trails that are reasonably flat, with gravel or mulch or some such covering are more what I was thinking of when I suggested a walk. I think he agreed with me.

But yay for being spontaneous and going on what turned out to be quite the adventure!

Annie update: She's sanded down, and waiting on her primer coat. Work is a bit crazy so I'm having trouble finding time to work on her.

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