Monday, May 16, 2011

What’s an E-Design?

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You may be wondering what an E-design actually looks like.  Well, to satisfy your curiosity, here is an E-design I did for a pretend male client’s bedroom. Since Prince Charming hasn’t actually LET me design anything for him, this is just an imaginary concept.
So the setup: This client wanted a sophisticated contemporary bedroom design that would impress and match the rest of the house. He wanted to incorporate his abstract photography as artwork for the space. And he had $500 to spend on this project’s materials. The apartment is short on storage, so currently all his tools are stored in the corner of the bedroom.
Here’s his concept board:
The existing bed is kept and updated with dark chocolate paint. The same dark chocolate paint will be used on an Ikea Rast dresser with contemporary silver hardware to look like the dresser in the bottom right.
The side of the bed towards the door gets a contemporary round table for style.  Both nightstands get silver nightstand lamps.
The window gets a no-nail curtain rod with 3M Command hooks and a cafe rod.  Ikea grommet curtains block the morning sun after those late nights!
The tool storage area gets partitioned off with ceiling-hung track and panel curtains.
Contemporary bedding, like this Thomas O’Brien set from Target, sets a graphic tone to the “beige box” of apartment living.
With all the neutral tones in the space, the bright orange abstract artwork becomes the focal point.
Here’s a floor plan for reference:
Now, for the Really important part- the budget:
A true E-design would get a list of sources with item numbers and exact pricing. This budget came in at $497, just under budget. The splurges in this space are the duvet cover, large artwork, and the  round accent table, coming in at over $50 each.
In addition to the concept board, floor plan, and sourcing, E-design clients will also get elevations of any intricate focal walls, such as built-in cabinetry  or an artwork gallery wall.
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