Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I have the best boyfriend ever


I really do have the best boyfriend ever.  I’ve lived in my house four years now. And for four years, I’ve only been able to use one side of my double kitchen sink. The other side  had this weird pipe configuration that liked to leak if any water ran through it, not to mention draining slower than molasses in winter.

photo 1

Yeah, isn’t that weird? I really really don’t recommend flex drains AT ALL!  Seriously, if you have to force something to fit, it shouldn’t be that way!

So this weekend, Prince Charming, also known as best boyfriend ever, fixed it for me.  And it took him all of like thirty minutes.  It took me longer to plant my daffodils.  (Yeah, I’m a procrastinator like that)

Isn’t it pretty?

photo 2

Well, maybe not pretty in a traditional sense. But useful! And just in time too, since Sissy is coming this weekend to break in my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  She seems to think using it once a year for royal icing is not good enough.

So now I have plenty of room to wash measuring cups and bowls.

What have you been procrastinating?

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  1. It's so nice to fix something that you almost forget is broken because you're so used to using it "wrong"! (If that makes any sense.) I have a similar situation - my closet doors have been "broken" since I started using the closet almost 2 years ago. This weekend, I mentioned it in passing to Jason and he said, "Oh, all I need to do is _____" (whatever) and what do you know?! HE FIXED THEM! Now they open and close perfectly!! Such a simple thing, but it really made my weekend! :)


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