Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why Prince Charming is Prince Charming

We were over at Prince Charming's Dad's house, when I got grilled asked why I like him so much. One of the things I responded with was that he was always helpful and encouraging of me, especially when it comes to this blogging adventure.

 Like cutting sticks into pieces for me to make my wood round wreath.

 But also because he does things like install my new kitchen fixture while I'm away on a work trip.

 And then to install under cabinet lighting in the kitchen since I've always complained the counter by the stove is too dark.

So while I can cross things off my projects list, I can't always share them because I keep coming home to find them done, with only the tools as evidence. So if you ask me again why Prince Charming got that name, it's because MY Prince has tools and knows how to use them! Which is pretty terrific for this DIY kinda girl.

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