Friday, September 9, 2011

Mom's Breakfast Room: The big reveal

My mom worked her tail off and finished her breakfast room mini makeover.  You can read all about the inspiration I gave her here.

Just to recap, until she can afford to do the intensive, let's pull the construction permits makeover she wants, this is the mini version. Scrape the ugly popcorn off, paint everything, and change up the decor items.

Here's the before:

Mom says:
 "Seven years ago I downsized to a smaller house which was in need of updating. Dirty walls, leftover
drapes, and out of date décor needed lots of help. To make the space somewhat habitable, paint was
the first order of business. The breakfast room got leftover paint on the walls, a clearance quilt for a
tablecloth and the former homeowner’s living room drapes. A month or so ago, I started some general
cleaning and threw the drapes in the washer. What came out was a faded mess that I just couldn’t put
back up and no matter what I did the walls didn’t come clean. Time for a new plan! Susie Homemaker to the rescue.

First I tackled the awful popcorn ceiling. It’s a messy job but I had done other ceilings in the house so no
problem. Well, this ceiling was a DIY from previous homeowner and did I make a mess. Handyman BJ to
the rescue (making the project a bit over budget but oh well. . .). That accomplished, I finished painting
the walls and trim. The paint was the same Sherman Williams Sprout as the kitchen but looks different
in the light filled room.

Following the e-design, went shopping and found the curtains at my local store. Not so lucky with the
rug but did manage to find one I liked in the green/blue colors of the room. I like the dark brown in it
because it ties to the walnut hardwood floors in the rest of the house. I have a more traditional taste
so I’m the interior designer’s bane of existence and just couldn’t branch out to the more modern lamp.

Did find one I liked in the right colors and on sale! The curtains went up when I got home but oh no, too
short. So, to the fabric store to add a border like the designer did for her guest bedroom. Works like a
charm. However, the tablecloth didn’t turn out so well and it will be a re-do at some point.

Overall, it is a clean and fresh breakfast room and I love it. Thanks for the e-design!"

The ceiling, which was a lesson in what NOT to do in drywall, got a rescue from the resident Handyman. Neither Mom nor I have the patience for drywall mud. The walls got two coats of Sprout, the same color as the kitchen, and straight out of the can semigloss white for the trim.

With her e-design concept board, Mom got a budget estimate with retailers, item numbers, and costs for everything on her design board. That made it easy for her to go shopping to find the items she needed. Some things she didn't agree with me on, but she did have a list of places to start her search.

I can't wait to go see how it all turned out in person!

If you're interested in an E-design, click on the "Interiors" tab for more information!

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