Monday, August 1, 2011

Sewing Project- Lap protector

When I was a baby, I wore cloth diapers. My mom often tells the story of how she kept cuts of rubber sheeting for people to put on their laps so my wet diaper wouldn't stain their outfits. And how my Aunt didn't pay any attention, so I got a big ol' stain on her pink linen pants.

Now many people I know are having babies and choosing to use cloth diapers. Sometimes you just need something waterproof to put between the baby and whatever they happen to be laying on.  To protect your pretty outfit from all those baby fluids. And why shouldn't it be pretty too?

You will need:
Rubber Sheeting cut to 13x18
Fabric cut to 13x18
Double Fold Bias Tape- 1 package
Thread to match
no-sew hem tape.

I used hem tape to attach my fabric to the rubber sheeting- I didn't want this stuff to move around! 

Then, I used a zig-zag stitch to sew around all four edges of the sheeting+ fabric.

Then, I attached the bias tape to finish the edge. I found a great tutorial  here on MADE  for how to attach bias tape.  I used the cheater way, but you are welcome to do it however you want.

Ta-da! A pretty lap protector! Very inexpensive, a great baby shower gift as well.

Obviously, please use caution and supervise your infant. Never leave your baby unattended!

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