Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mis-Adventure: Cleaning the oven

Somehow, I managed to make it the past almost 10 years of living on my own without cleaning my oven. Until tonight.

I made cheesecake for Prince Charming's birthday earlier in the week. (And I was so distracted making sure I didn't poison him this is the only photo I got with my phone)

 Having a brand new spring form pan, I didn't bother to line the bottom like both the recipe and University of Mom told me to.  So I guess it leaked onto the bottom of my oven. oops. No wonder it smelled so good baking.

Fast forward to tonight, when I decide I had better clean the oven before I cook in it tomorrow. So not knowing any better, I flipped the latch on the door, turned the dial, and let 'er rip.

The poor dog and I have now retreated upstairs with all the windows open to escape the smoke. Because apparently a "self cleaning oven" means it BURNS everything off the bottom. And there was some crusty stuff on the bottom.

Lessons from the University of Mom:

1. Listen to what Momma says. She's usually right.
2. Clean the oven before you clean the oven.

On tap for tomorrow: Fabreeze the entire house.

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