Friday, July 30, 2010

Rachel's Wedding!

I had a FABULOUS time this past weekend sharing in the celebration of Rachel and Marshall's wedding!

I traveled up to Madison, Wisconsin to celebrate where it all began. 

I love Rachel and Marshall to death, and couldn't be happier for the two of them to officially start their life together!

What a beautiful couple!

The wedding was AWESOME! And a perfect reflection of who they are, both as individuals and a couple.

 It's tough being the only single in your group of friends.  Makes you feel a little left out.  I'm still so happy for them, of course, but feeling a little left behind. In real life, most weddings are not like those featured in Wedding Crashers, and not a great place to meet someone! So, I'm focusing on how happy I am for my newlywed friends, and remembering that eventually, Carrie Bradshaw got her man.  And I will too.

Other things going on this week: First 10K Saturday! Very nervous, but hoping to get in some good practice for the Labor Day 10K Classic.  And I'm going to try and finish up my bathroom renovation so I can begin working on another part of my home renovation to-do list!

Stay tuned for more updates and insights.

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  1. good luck on the 10k. keep up the good renovation work. want to see pictures of the redone bath.


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