Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday Cake MisAdventure

Yesterday was my birthday, and I was REALLY excited about making my birthday cake.  Years ago, I saw a recipe in Southern Living for a chocolate Groom's cake with blackberries on it- two of my FAVORITEST things.
Chocolate Velvet Groom's Cake
My mom made it for my 18th birthday party. My twin sister made it last year. For them, it was a beautiful confection of blackberry chocolate delight.

Mine? Well, it tasted good.

The recipe called for a chocolate ganache made by melting chocolate chips and butter together, then stirring in sour cream. That was a lumpy seized chocolate mess- twice.  The garbage disposal thought it tasted just fine though.

Not to be deterred, I called up Sissy, who is a much better baker. She told me to make a butter cream. Off I go, happily dumping cocoa, powdered sugar, butter, and chambord into my mixer.

Me: "How do I know if it's ready?"
Sissy: " When all the powdered sugar is incorporated"
Me: "Gee, this sure is sticky and doesn't want to spread"
Sissy: " You should put more milk in, it's too stiff"
Me: " Too late, it's all on top of the cake now! "

Cue the uncontrollable laughter on my part as this homely cake takes shape.

Nonetheless, it tastes good, and it's my birthday. Therefore it's perfect. I just may have someone else make it next year...

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