Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bedroom Makeover: Paint


After we scraped the ceiling free from the popcorn, Mom and I set about to paint.

The ceiling was first up, getting good ol’ Ceiling White.  I’m debating putting a fun color or stencil up there, but I wanted to live with white for a while first.

While the ceiling was drying, we washed all the dust and popcorn stuff off the walls and let them dry.

Then it was time to paint the walls. I’m a big fan of Valspar paint from Lowe’s,  and had picked their color Romano for the bedroom. It’s lighter and warmer than the Desert Fortress color of the bathroom.

Normally, I use Zinsser 123 primer, with two coats of paint on top.  I love the high hide as well as its ability to seal and cover oil based paint, which I seem to have quite a bit of in this house.

This time, I let Mom and the paint desk gal talk me into the Valspar Signature Paint and Primer in one.   I don’t know that it’s worth the extra money, but it covered nicely in two coats.  I guess two is better than three. But maybe it would have only needed two coats with a tinted primer.  (Which I haven’t bothered with before)


While we were painting, mom shared a tip with me.  She wet her brush and roller before painting- you want them damp, not dripping.  That way, the paint goes on more smoothly, and less is trapped in the bristles- saving paint!

I don’t always remember to do it- but it does help!

The other tip she shared was to get the extra fuzz off your roller covers with tape before you use them.  Just take a piece of tape and use it like a lint roller to get all that fuzz. You want it on the tape, not in your paint, right?

I’m so excited about how the room is shaping up!

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